Cops Shot The Kid: White Women's Tears Were The Bullets.

Garrick McFadden
10 min readMay 21, 2023

“How in the hell the parents gon’ bury their own kids
Not the other way around?
Reminds me of Emmett Till
Let’s remind ’em why Kap kneels” — Cops Shot The Kid by Nas

Citi Bike Karen, aka Sarah Jane Comrie taken from the viral video on Twitter by the Author.

The patron saint of white woman’s tears passed away in April of 2023. Her name was Carolyn Bryant, and she weaponized her faux white woman tears to get a young boy lynched. His body was so badly beaten that this little boy seemed otherworldly, not like the angel that his mother had known, nursed, bathed, fed, taught, loved, disciplined, and raised. There was nothing angelic about his corpse. His face was bloated, bloodied, and beyond any resemblance to the boy she sent on a train to visit family for the summer.

His mother allowed the world to see what lynching actually looked like. She took something that was abstract, a hate crime, and turned it into something that was concrete: an unrecognized swollen body of a dead black boy eternally resting in his little coffin.

St. Bryant was not the first white woman to arm herself with the potency of faux white women's tears, nor was she the last, but she is the most famous. In 1920 Duluth, Minnesota, Irene Tuskan and her boyfriend, James Sullivan, claimed that six black carnival…



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